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A conceptual print treatment for an original publication.
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Glume is a bi-annual magazine featuring interviews, personal essays, special features, visual stories, illustrations, articles, art, and design. The project focuses on examining and destigmatizing mental health through art and community. Every issue focuses on a specific topic. The first issue’s theme is “Alone in a Crowd”; exploring loneliness in all of its forms.

The concept and art direction for Glume was inspired by modern editorial aesthetics and indie publications. The featured designs are simple with an element of playfulness. The typefaces are set at a higher point to match the larger dimensions of the magazine. This size (11in x 14.5 in) was chosen to allow the reader to fully experience the art and text within it. Moreover, it acts a visual centrepiece wherever it is displayed; a point of conversation. The demographic for this publication includes Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X. These groups seek unique alternatives to the usual mundane artifacts in their lives. In the case of books and magazines, they are drawn to those that are decorative and pleasing to the eye. Glume fills those needs. It contains an en-gaging combination of colour, type, and art in various forms that aims to appeal to its reader.

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